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Alesyaa :) perhaps one of the most stunning people you will definitely previously satisfy inside whole entire life. Shes packed with happiness and pleasure, and knows how to make others smile. She's amazing brown eyes, and gorgeous locks of black shiny hair, and she virtually blinds you with the woman beauty. Shes as hot as tamale, and spicier as compared to spice women. She legit tends to make me personally smile if you talk to her. A sexy small thangg, that woman is (:Born in Siberia, and wants to obtain lengthy letters, from a dear friend ;)she conveys by herself through music and art. enjoyable to be around, and although she might not understand it, shes loved by everybody else. Often really happy/positive.Ally- a name for somebody who is accurately regarded as being totally awesome by everyone else that understands him/her.the perfect concept of an adorable being.