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Alessa Gillespie is a fictional personality inside Silent Hill video game show. Her first look were held in the original 1999 Silent Hill game, and contains because been an important impact on all of the unusual events which have occurred in town of quiet Hill.Biography: Alessa could be the girl of Dahlia Gillespie, the top of a cult known as The purchase that operates from the fictitious titular city of Silent Hill. Alessa came to be with incredible psychic abilities, including spiritual instinct and premonition, ultimately causing the woman being ostracized at Midwich Elementary class and branded a witch. The woman just friend in childhood is Claudia Wolf, which sympathizes with her because she additionally arises from an abusive household back ground.Dahlia becomes believing that a specific ritual, to delivery the cult's God, would probably be successful if she used her girl as its birthmother. The technique have been done on various other women that The Order abducted, but all previous efforts had failed. During the age seven, Alessa exists as a sacrifice by Dahlia toward Jesus within the basement of the home by immolating the woman human body. The program succeeds, with Alessa getting pregnant using the deity–which remains suspended in embryotic form–but part of your ex's soul escapes and is reborn as an infant found by quiet Hill's protagonist Harry Mason along with his partner outside quiet Hill. They name the baby Cheryl.Seventeen years following the activities regarding the very first Silent Hill game, Alessa Gillespie is reborn as Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason may be the main protagonist in this online game.