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alarm Bay is an island in BC, Canada.Alert Bay is a lovely community, full of crazy individuals.The individuals in alarm Bay yes know how to party difficult and also make a scene. The kids associated with the community tend to be found in the ghetto or "whelalau" taking eachothers tricycles or bikes, tossing mud at vehicles or houses. these kids tend to be present in packs or tribes and a grown-up is normally never in web site.the teenagers regarding the neighborhood have a repuation for acting 'gangster' or 'thug'. Though not all of the young adults are like this discover a sizable portion... and ffs they should stop. If they wish behave like pets head to P'hardy.the adults have actually respectable tasks... HA. theyre attempting to sell dope, whining in regards to the race that took over their particular part of north america a century ago, and getting intoxicated in the bayside.No you simply will not get shot in alert bay, but getting stabbed might be onto the schedule. Simply prevent the Bayside... and anyone that has actually fake names like "ransome", "da employer", "babyshawtyprincess" and other strange gangster /hooker names....regardless... alarm Bay is still means the higher than any other area you have been to. and makes P-hardy appear to be a Cokehoeu000du000au000du000aAlert Bay is a small REZ area filled with crazy brown individuals who tell there children to come inside when it get dark out or a sasquatch will kidnap all of them and consume all of them.Many are alcoholics, whores, or medicine addicts. We want to munch, crunch, but we dont bite.When theres ever before a siren (often visiting the Whe-La-La-U) everybody else regarding the area hears it and bombs along the front road to go be nosy.were very sensational, were party pet whom always go directly to the bayside and do cocaine.On weekends juvies want to "rip it up" while you're watching the fights or pondering what you should do next.what else can we fucking do in this town!