What does Alemanni mean?

Alemanni meaning in Etymology Dictionary

title of a Suebic tribe or confederation that satisfied in Alsace and element of Switzerland (and supply of French Allemand "German, a German"), from Proto-Germanic *Alamanniz, most likely indicating "all-man" and denoting a broad alliance of tribes, but maybe indicating "foreign men" (compare Allobroges, name of a Celtic tribe in what is now Savoy, in Latin literally "the aliens," in mention of the their having driven from initial inhabitants), in which particular case the al- is cognate using the first aspect in Latin alius "the other" and English else.

Sentence Examples with the word Alemanni

The custom, indeed, so far from dying out, was adopted by the barbarian conquerors and spread among the Christian Goths in Spain, Franks in Gaul, Alemanni in Germany, and Anglo-Saxons in Britain.

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