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an extremely small / brief individual.u000du000au000du000aA rather musicaly talented chick with an excellent good ass and a lovely human body. She actually is also short and has brown tresses.u000du000au000du000aA rather nice, extremely pretty woman. A girl that's an easy task to fall for. She actually is really sweet and sort too. She doesn't constantly believe she's pretty but she is in fact the prettiest one you are going to ever before fulfill. She's really timid when you first meet the woman but after a few years you find out this woman is extremely awesome. You mustn't previously worry about getting close to the lady because not matter exactly what it'll be beneficial. You'll constantly want to stick to this girl because it would-be very bad in the event that you lose her, and you will always be sorry. Should you ever satisfy a woman aided by the title Aleia pursue the woman 1st chance you can get, because trust me...you'll love this woman like hardly any other, and she'll easily be the best thing which is ever before happened to you personally.