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Twenty mins west of Fort Worth, Aledo Texas could be the location where rich snobby children from All Saints, Country Day, Trinity Valley, Southwest Christian, Nolan...you name it, any FW exclusive school...are delivered by their moms and dads when they never feel like paying a shit ton of money going someplace they can party and get an education at. The baseball group is incredible, just like their functions. It's 20 moments away from FW, 15 if you look at the speed restriction, 10 from Weatherford. Theoretically, the highschool is in a classic cow pasture, but Aledo is growing it is thereforen't also obvious. The kids toss unwell parties. Head to a football game and you should find kids with water containers filled with skyy or Whataburger glasses packed with captain morgan. Weed was once preferred, but is dying completely. 1/2 girls look of sufficient age to stay sororities at TCU (since that's where each of them go) and most of the wanna-be frat father's. Skim the halls and you will seeA) 30 people using polo shirtsB) 50 children using sperrysC) 5 couples making outD) 3 cooking pot headsE) the best JGrayAn time and a half far from PK, 20 minutes from FW, an hour or so and a half from Dallas, Aledo really is the shit.