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Is an incredible man, once you get acquainted with him. He comes down as a rude and sarcastic man, but once you become familiar with him you will see that he's a sweet, painful and sensitive, and caring man that is around. He does like to tease, but if provide it time putting up with their teasing will probably be worth it ;)! an intercourse god which rocks my world A woman who truly embraces the woman environment guitaring friends and who doesn't like things inside her ear. The ugliest teen you have got ever before observed in your daily life. He's a man and brags about their appearance, as he is disgusting. He likes being sarcastic and it may be very upsetting. He's got a tremendously deep voice and then he is privately gay. He only desires to get into girls and dudes' pants. He's got blond hair, and has this truly strange cough. Essentially never ever communicate with an aleck inside your life, ALECK WHITE is nasty.