What does Alderman mean?

Alderman meaning in General Dictionary

A senior or superior someone of ranking or self-esteem

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  • a member of a municipal legislative human body (as a city council)
  • A senior or superior; a person of position or dignity.
  • certainly one of a board or human anatomy of municipal officers next in order towards the mayor and achieving a legislative purpose. They may, in some situations, independently exercise some magisterial and administrative features.

Alderman meaning in Urban Dictionary

Alderman may be the final name of a gentleman. He's always honest, honest, and intensely devoted. In addition to that, he's your body of a god together with vocals of an angel. His love is a lot like not one other.

Alderman meaning in Law Dictionary

judicial or administrative magistrate. Initially the phrase was similar to "elder," but has also been accustomed designate an earl, plus a king. In English law. A co-employee towards the primary municipal magistrate of a corporate town or town. In American citics. The aldermen are usually a legislative human body, having restricted judicial powers as a body, such as issues of inner police regulation, installation of and restoring streets, building sewers, and the like; though in a lot of towns and cities tliey hold individual process of law, and possess magisterial capabilities to a large extent Bouvier.

Alderman meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English aldormonn (Mercian), ealdormann (western Saxon) "ruler, prince, chief; main officer of a shire," from aldor, ealder "patriarch" (comparative of ald "old;" see old) + monn, mann "man" (see guy (n.)). A relic of days whenever elders had been instantly in charge of the clan or tribe, but currently in Old English useful for master's viceroys, despite age. The term yielded in Old English to eorl, and after the Norman Conquest to count (letter.). Meaning "headman of a guild" (early 12c.) passed to "magistrate of a city" (c.1200) given that guilds became identified with municipal federal government.

Alderman - German to English

alderman [member regarding the municipal legislative human body]

Alderman meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A senior or superior; an individual of position or dignity.

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  • (n.) Certainly one of a board or body of municipal officers next so that you can the gran and having a legislative function. They could, sometimes, independently exercise some magisterial and administrative functions.

Sentence Examples with the word Alderman

The chairman, or in his absence the vice-chairman, or in the absence of both an alderman or councillor appointed by the meeting, presides.

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