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1. Your ex's title Alda a-lda, al-da is pronounced AHL-dah. It is of Old German beginning, and its own meaning is "old, prosperous". Feminine form of Aldo and Otto.Alda has actually 10 variant types: Aldabella, Aldana, Aldara, Aldea, Aldene, Aldina, Aldine, Aldona, Aleda and Alida.Baby brands that sound like Alda are Alyda, Allda and Alta.2. Meaning of "Alda"Italian nameIn Italian, the name Alda implies- old, wise. Various other origins for the name Alda consist of - Italian, German, Spanish.The name Alda is frequently utilized as a woman title or feminine title.Italian identify Meaning - old, wiseOrigin - ItalyAlternate Origins - German Spanish A very good man which gets all girl. Completely different title therefore making him extremely unique. Has got the most useful gf and a fantastic life. Originates from a german term therefore successful. Rarely a normal individual can pronounce it correctly so that they call him "aldo" leading to their common nickname as "Waldo". An overally great man!