What does Alcuin mean?

Alcuin meaning in Names Dictionary

Noble buddy.
Name Origin: Teutonic
Name Gender: Male

Alcuin meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(c. 730-804) came to be in Northumbria and studied on School of York under Egbert. In 781 he had been known as to head the Palatine School of Charlemagne. He passed away at St. Martin of Tours. It really is his basic impact on the revival of Christian learning this is certainly considerable within the history of philosophy. Their psychology is a form of simplified Augustinianism. Their treatise, De animae ratione advertising Eulaliam Virginem, is extant (PL 101). -- V.J.B.

Sentence Examples with the word Alcuin

Besides the celebrated school of the Palace, where Alcuin had among his hearers the members of the imperial family and the dignitaries of the empire as well as talented youths of humbler origin, we hear of the episcopal schools of Lyons, Orleans and St Denis, the cloister schools of St Martin of Tours, of Fulda, Corbie, Fontenelle and many others, besides the older monasteries of St Gall and Reichenau.

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