What does Alcoholism mean?

Alcoholism meaning in General Dictionary

A diseased condition of system set off by the continued using alcoholic liquors

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  • habitual intoxication; extended and excessive intake of alcohol beverages leading to a failure in health insurance and a dependence on alcoholic beverages such that abrupt starvation causes extreme withdrawal symptoms
  • a rigorous persistent need to drink alcohol consumption to excess
  • A diseased condition of system, brought about by the continued use of alcohol liquors.

Alcoholism meaning in Medical Dictionary

real dependence on alcohol on extent that stopping alcoholic beverages usage would cause withdrawal signs. In preferred and therapeutic parlance, the definition of could also be used to refer to ingrained ingesting habits that cause wellness or personal problems. Treatment requires very first closing the actual reliance and then making change in lifestyle which help the average person avoid relapse. In some cases, medicine and hospitalization are essential. Liquor reliance can have numerous really serious impacts in the brain, liver, also organs for the human body, some of that may cause demise.

Alcoholism meaning in Law Dictionary

In medical jurisprudence. The pathological impact (as distinguished from physiological impact) of exorbitant indulgence in intoxicating liquors. It really is intense whenever caused by exorbitant potations at once or perhaps in the program of just one debauch. An attack of delirium tremens and alcoholic homicidal mania are samples of this kind. Its chronic when resulting from the long- proceeded use of spirits in less quantities, like in the actual situation of dipsomania.

Alcoholism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"disease of alcoholic beverages addiction," 1852, from alcohol + -ism, otherwise from modern-day Latin alcoholismus, coined in 1852 by Swedish teacher of medicine Magnus Huss (1807-1890) to suggest everything we today would phone "alcohol poisoning." In earlier times, alcoholism would-have-been habitual drunkenness or some these types of term.

Alcoholism meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A diseased problem associated with system, set off by the continued usage of alcoholic liquors.

Sentence Examples with the word Alcoholism

It includes acute alcoholism (i.e.

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