What does Alcohol Parade mean?

Alcohol Parade meaning in Urban Dictionary

The work of wandering from somewhere to a different one consuming forever long..or until u r totally blasted,hence u r forced to waste your whole night regarding crappy floor of a club/pub/your home toilet.The main intent behind an Alcohol Parade is to find brand-new mates in each place u have actually a drink, making use of alcoholic beverages as a strong legal compound that enable u to develop new relations with formerly unknown men and women..btw often it.s most likely they.ll stick to be not known even the day after cuz you won.t be able to remind all of them,). Therefore the most significant material is you must be aware regarding the own tolerance threshold in order to prevent unwanted side effects as reported before, and avoid regretful recoveries with unattractive/disgusting/nasty beings of this reverse (or even same) sex.Broadly speaking even the very existence of an alcohol-addicted is establish as lifelong alcohol parade, in which he uses all his time moving to and fro between bars or supermarkets but with the mere make an effort to feel intoxicated.