What does Albula mean?

Albula meaning in General Dictionary

a genus of seafood the nature and sole genus associated with the household Albulidae

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  • kind and single genus of household Albulidae

Albula meaning in Names Dictionary

From Tiber.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Sentence Examples with the word Albula

Yet, as a matter of fact, several important mountain groups are situated on one or other side of the watershed of the Alps, and form almost independent ranges, being only connected with the main chain by a kind of peninsula: such are the Dauphine Alps, the Eastern and Western Graians, the entire Bernese Oberland, the Todi, Albula and Silvretta groups, the Ortler and Adamello ranges, and the Dolomites of south Tirol, not to speak of the lower Alps of the Vorarlberg, Bavaria and Salzburg.

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