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an exceptionally bad area of Erie County. To some, it really is known as the armpit of th northwest PA. In Albone, you'll probably be stabbed, mugged, jumped, shot, and/or killed. Lots of people started to Albone, but couple of allow it to be out alive. Gangsters roam the streets night and day, so make sure to have a police escort all the time. Bob Kinney may be the frontrunner for this gang. He chews plenty of Copenhagen and stabs 5 United States Navy Seals to death at precisely the same time while attempting to rob the nationwide City Bank. He could be believed to currently live beneath the connection within Albone neighborhood park. Very little is famous of his origin, but their wrath is still sensed nonetheless. The place where u get shot if you are black colored but everybody here functions black additionally there is a stable uprise in cooking pot smokers...matt noe's homosexual you will find pure albone blood gangstas here therefore be cautious u will get shot