What does Albion mean?

Albion meaning in General Dictionary

an old title of The united kingdomt nonetheless retained in poetry

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  • archaic name for The united kingdomt or britain; utilized poetically
  • a historical name of The united kingdomt, nevertheless retained in poetry.

Albion meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Arthurian Legend
Name Gender: Male

Albion meaning in Etymology Dictionary

ancient name of The united kingdomt, Old English, from Latin, often reported to be through the non-Indo-European base *alb "mountain," that also is suggested since the way to obtain Latin Alpes "Alps," Albania, and Alba, an Irish name for "Scotland." But much more likely from Latin albus "white" (identify alb), which will be an apt description of this chalk high cliffs of the area's south coast.Breoton is garsecges ealond,

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Albion meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A historical name of England, still retained in poetry.

Sentence Examples with the word Albion

In Albion are the Western House of Refuge for Women (a state institution established in 1890), a public park, the Swan Library, and the county buildings, including the court house, the jail and the surrogate's office; and about 2 m.

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