What does Alaya mean?

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severely stunning (and even though she doesn't think-so),smart,funny, the best gf any one could ever ask for.She is partner product. She actually is nice and loving but has an excellent bad butt mindset.She's the sort to only fall-in love once in order for man is quite freaking lucky.Once she does fall in love she actually is totally specialized in that man.What ever he wants or needs its not a problem for her.She can be very bashful and peaceful but she actually is outgoing as soon as you get to know her.She trusts not many men and women. Alaya is not one for violence but wreak havoc on the woman relationship or the woman household and acquire prepared the ass kicking of a life time. She'll put the woman enthusiasts requirements before her very own.She is extremely defensive of the people she loves. Many people are intimidated by her but as soon as you get to know the woman she is very nice.Being lied to is regarded as the woman biggest pet-pevs,Lying to her cannot exercise well for your needs in the end.Most folks would determine the lady as 'best'. She's got a hourglass form. Perhaps not your typical 'girly woman' she actually is maybe not afraid to obtain her arms just a little dirty.Can be stubborn but she'll impress her dedication once her thoughts are made up theres no changing it*Usually from the south*