What does Alaskan Tiger Woods mean?

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Involves a bucket of ice, sodium, a polar bear (a black bear if you should be not able to get a polar bear), and a 7 iron.......one man lies on their straight back with penis erect another locations an ice-cube together with the erect cock and tee's down with the 7 metal....while this might be occurring another individual lies spread-eagle with anal area available...another individual after that begins to jack down counting-out their strokes.....if stated player has the capacity to hit the ice-cube from the erect penis to get a "hole" within one into the anus the the player will recieve a blumpkin from trig palin, when they get an eagle they will certainly recieve a screaming seagull from an acutual seagull, a birdie will result in the player addressing take a dip inside pool with casey anthony playing with chloroform, if said player gets a par they need to do a mesa verde mudslide away from whoopie goldberg, when they bogey anyone will get a ride in the thriller express....if said player does not obtain the ice cube in to the rectum ahead of the person in the group jacking down "erupts" or stated ice cube melts the player must place salt on their penis and allow the polar bear lick the sodium down with all the danger of said bear ripping of stated penis off in a rage of fury.