What does Alaskan Shizzle-Twizzle mean?

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Also referred to as the A.S.T., this object of heinous hiney pleasure requires delicately shitting into a magnum condom so that you have a good six to eleven inches of feces, tying the rubber-off by the end, and freezing it. After six hours you eliminate the today rigid pole o' enjoyment, peel away the exudate layer to reveal the A.S.T. in all its fame. Advantageous to all manner of vagtastic, anal, and dental play, the A.S.T. will offer hours of enjoyable for your household.Vary your diet plan through the days ahead of the initial condom-filling to be able to change the texture. We discovered eating nothing but sweet corn salsa and french fries produces an A.S.T. with an excellent balance of sturdiness and surface.