What does Alaskan Salmon Grabber mean?

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an intercourse online game involving a male and a female(s) when the male(s) need(s) an erection to be able to participate. Both functions need to use a vast quantity of lubricant, the male on his penis plus the feminine on her fingers. (Paws)Once this step is finished, a man along with his penis, make the role associated with the "Salmon" and the feminine takes the part of this "Bear" its then the "Bears" part to chase after the "Salmon" and try and get it.The online game is under a 60 2nd countdown, for the "Bear" to win, she needs to be capable either catch and tame the "Salmon" for 5 moments, this calls for the woman to put on along the "Salmon" (Penis) for 5 moments, or for the Male to reduce their hard-on, thus making the salmon limp.The best way the male along with his "Salmon" to win, is if they can avoid the "Bear's" grasp for one minute and keep their "Salmon's" solidity.The online game can be played amongst an organization, by which you will see numerous "Salmons" and "Bears."