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A term presently familiar with denote sarcasm and invalidates the associated sentence, premise or summary. The word "alasas" feeds on connected sentence, the stronger and much more definitive (minimal reasonable guarding) the associate phrase, the greater it really is refuted total. Kinda like Newton's third law of physics.It is also commonly used to show very low expectations in a particular person.From the root in slang Chaldean/ Assyrian Aramaic as well as in slang Iraqi Arabic, meaning "ala-asas" =exact definition "based regarding the foundation of""Ala" = depending on/ on top of"Asas" = foundationCurrently is employed to indicate "as though" in a sarcastic style.Sometimes the word alasas.com is used interchangeably to denote a database of lack of hope. Big, Black, Cheap, and Arabic.