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the maximum comic guide composer of all time. He has got written these types of magnificent works since the Watchmen, V for Vendetta, or From Hell.he's also known for having an exceptionally lengthy beard. Alan Moore is just one of the biggest literary geniuses ever. In which Mark Twain pioneered the United states novel, Willaim Shakespere the tragic play, and Edgar Alan Poe the gothic horror tale, Alan Moore has pioneered visual books. Producing these types of accalimed works as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, plus the Leauge of Extraordinary Gentelmen. He's got also made their mark on classic figures with Batman: The Killing Joke, their run on Swamp Thing and Whatever occurred to your guy of Tommorow.However, as an individual, he could be completely Batshit Insane. He despises all adaptations of their works, aside from weather condition they truly are great or if he also watches all of them, mainly because he has got a raging rage-on for Hollywood, but still watches and enjoys traditional television. WTF? He in addition states things to interviewers and digital cameras that no logicl person would say. To aim and repeat all of them right here would be to make my mind explode.he could be usually present in Uk bars, where he corrects people who confuse Man-Thing with Swamp Thing and throws straight down with Victorian playwrights. He usually makes use of any means essential to win these battles. Be those means his bare fists, the nife he keeps in the beard, damaged bottles/mugs, or their effective Magicks. Seriously, try not to shag with this specific guy.