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nickname of Franciscan Mission San Antonio de Valeroin (started 1718, dissolved 1793) in San Antonio, Texas; United states Spanish, actually "poplar" (in brand new Spain, additionally "cottonwood"), from alno "the black colored poplar," from Latin alnus "alder" (see alder). Maybe so-called in reference to trees growing nearby (compare Alamogordo, brand new Mexico, actually "big poplar," and Spanish alameda "a public stroll with a row of woods on each side"); however the preferred title generally seems to date from the period 1803-13, when the old goal had been the bottom for a Spanish cavalry company from the Mexican city of Alamo de Parras in Nueva Vizcaya.

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a siege and massacre at a goal in San Antonio in 1836; Mexican causes under Santa Anna besieged and massacred United states rebels who had been battling to help make Tx separate of Mexico

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The Mexicans under Santa Anna captured the Alamo on the 6th of March 1836 and slaughtered its garrison of 183 men; on the 20th of the same month they captured Fannin and his force of 371 men, and a week later slaughtered all except twenty who escaped.

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