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Alaine is the best person you might previously satisfy. Alaine is one of sort... in an effective way! She's constantly indeed there to listen to you out. She knows how to place someone in their spot so know but will befriend anybody. She is a social butterfly: she really involved and talks to absolutely everyone. She's not shy and merely a great person to be around any day. Alaine is normally a male, middle-age (35-55), and sort of smelly and has now the nature and demeanor of a hobo, or kind of ragidy, old, fat guy. Alaines are usually great and friendly, specifically toward kids (Bow Chicka Bow Wow.) Plus they stick to on their own, perhaps not typically having many buddies.The primary items to find out about alaines is they are usually friendly, and safe in most cases, but have them away from special "substances" (Ie Cocaine, Heroine, PCP, etc.) They sight and odor of such things will drive all of them insane, and outcomes of the interacting with each other may make you mentally, physically and emotionally scared. No light hearted matter,stay away from any form or form of Alaine with any such thing like that,for your very own great.