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unquestionably among the best Formula 1 drivers, scoring second among many wins, at the rear of Schumacher and just ahead of Senna, although Senna's profession ended prematurely. Greatest competitor of Ayrton Senna and the other way around. Debuted in F1 with McLaren in 1980 and stayed with McLaren up to the end of 1989, leaving because he felt Senna had been getting ultimately more attention and admitted to hating Senna. Won the entire world Championship four times, three with McLaren (1985, 1986, 1988) and once with Williams (1993) in most useful car of the year by far. Retired after winning the Championship in 1993 and regained their respect for Senna especially after their demise in 1994 and stated that he would not sit-in a Formula 1 vehicle to demonstrate his value. Among the best Formula one racer previously. Their rivalry with Ayrton Senna ended up being the essential leaving the game has actually previously seen. He retired in 1993 after winning the tournament the 4th time. Nonetheless events these days in France in "ice competition championship".