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The dumbest of all rednecks, Alabama fans tend to be notorious for worshiping a dead man, known as Bear, and cheering the Crimson Tide(when they are winning). They claim 13 nationwide championships, but you will find 8. Many people wonder,"the reason why claim a lot more nationwide championships that you didn't win, whenever any person would-be pleased with 8?" unfortuitously, Alabama fans can't listen to logic or reason, so they really claim 13. Surrounding civilians want to avoid Alabama fans in anxiety that their stupidity might be contagious. Some avid fans put on black colored and white-striped shirts and also have in some way become referees in a lot of SEC football games. The obvious of those rednecks would be the idiots that put on hounds-tooth caps, formerly donned by Bear, despite the ridicule from people who have an IQ above 50. Many Alabama fans believe their new advisor, SaBEAR, is the second coming of Christ that is not acquiesced by any style of smart life. Their particular struggle weep is, "ROOWL TIIED!". This very laughed-upon weep was supposed to be translated as "roll tide", but as redneck populace increases, the phrase gets to be more altered. Even though the condition of Alabama is infested with Alabama followers, a lot of the fans cannot find Tuscaloosa on a map, and also never ever already been inside the university due to or due to the 5 they made from the ACT. Don't be concerned though, my friend, they look for all of their Alabama apparel at Walmart. You can easily commonly get a hold of Alabama fans flipping patties at McDonald's or perhaps in prisons any place in the South. Alabama Fans are the most spirited individuals you'll satisfy. You are going to mostly likely always find them wearing houndstooth and shouting ROLL TIDE. They support the fantastic baseball group and know all the text to "Yea Alabama". They know that into the 4th one-fourth you add up four fingers and wait for musical organization to try out container situation. They usually have every cheer memorized.