What does Alabama Worm Farm mean?

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This expression is the act of placing earthworms into the vagina after which having intercourse. The cool, crawling worms supply tremendous stimulation both for lovers.During rough sexual activity, the worms are pulverized into a soup. This sperm/worm coctail is consumed right from the vagina with a spoon, or put-on crackers. Note: Alabamians are notorious for placing hot sauce on all foodstuffs, but you have to take care not to get hot sauce in vagina.After slow, sensual intercourse, the worms will continue to be in tact. Entire worms retreived through the vagina after sluggish, gentle sex is included with tequila shots.Alabamians from Wetumpka usually like the bigger, slow moving evening crawlersIf an earthworm takes place to crawl out from the vagina to see its shadow, the couple could have bad sex for six-weeks.Alabamians from Prattville often choose the smaller, hyperactive red wigglersAlabamians from Chisholm generally carry pin worms, but that is another story for an alternative hole.