What does Alabama White Trash mean?

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a lady that is moderately attractive, it is delusional & in presumption they have been way more. These people are generally highly opinionated, yet incapable of back it with any sort of reasonable argument. They've a voracious loyalty to an educational institution that would never ever accept them as students and generally are, in all probability embarrassed to own all of them as fans. More often than not they tend become hill people. Fathers tend to be literally, emotionally, & sexually abusive to the young men & girls without discrimination. This is in reality somewhat useful in organizing the respective sexes for their future everyday lives. The men when it comes to prison life they are going to undoubtedly have & girls with regards to their marriage that will most likely be to a sibling and/or cousin. Girls have exceedingly broad sides, but an appartment ass, with a muffin top just like a cupcake with way too much yeast. She has a tendency to genuinely believe that she understands everybody else's dilemmas & understands what is perfect for all of them thinking all of them effective at switching it in & off like a light switch. Yet she never ever relates to her very own parental problems.