What does Alabama mean?

Alabama meaning in Etymology Dictionary

developed and named as a U.S. territory 1817 by a division of Mississippi Territory; fundamentally called for starters of this local peoples whom lived there, just who talk Muskogean. Their name most likely is from a Choctaw term meaning "plant-cutters." Relevant: Alabamian.

Alabama meaning in General Dictionary

a member associated with the Muskhogean people formerly staying in something now hawaii of Alabama

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  • a river in Alabama formed because of the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa streams near Montgomery; flows southwestward to be a tributary of the Cellphone River
  • a situation in southeastern United States regarding the gulf coast of florida; one of the Confederate states through the United states Civil War
  • the Muskhogean language of Alabama

Alabama - German to English

Alabama [Yellowhammer State, Cotton State]

Sentence Examples with the word Alabama

In 1863 the Federal forces secured a foothold in northern Alabama in spite of the opposition of General Nathan B.

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