What does Alaa alaa alaa alaa alaa mean?

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its an arabic term therefore all blessings in the world. Its used as a name for girls. Often if you're called like that, then your meaning truly falls on you.Its pronounced as (alaeh) Irresistible. Alaa is a the purest and is the most beautiful lady you'll ever before satisfy she's got the essential innocent heart. The complexities of her breathtaking soul will mystify you till the termination of the universe. Alaa has actually an excellent personality and easy to get alongside. Alaa is a typically smaller girl with huge tits. She's got stunning innocent eyes that she charms people with; very amazing people you are going to ever meet, just like an angel. Alaas are rare. the most beautiful girlfriend ever before she is every little thing some guy could previously desire. she actually is sweet she is funny she is beautiful, she's amazing so in retrospect everyone loves the lady. she is just like the sun, without it there's no point in life. usually an Islamic title, usually fond of a lady. "Alaa" means blessings. a striking woman with beautiful eyes