What does Ala mean?

Ala meaning in General Dictionary

A winglike organ or part

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  • an appartment wing-shaped procedure or winglike section of an organism
  • a wing of an insect
  • A winglike organ, or component.

Ala meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Male

Ala meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. Alpha-linolenic acid 2.Aminolevulinic acid, a naturally happening substance in your body that is converted to protoporphyrin IX, a light-sensitive chemical. Aminolevulinic acid has been utilized in photodynamic therapy of skin precancer and cancer tumors. Inside therapy localized treatment with kinds of ALA sensitizes the cells to light. Then a special blue or red light depending upon the form of ALA made use of will be shone from the tissue becoming addressed. The reaction of the ALA managed cells towards the light source can destroy cells.

Ala - Spanish to English

flying wing

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  • wing

Ala meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A winglike organ, or component.

Sentence Examples with the word Ala

The Kuren Dagh and Ala Dagh enclose the valley of the Atrek River, which flows west and southwest into the Caspian at Hassan Kuli Bay.

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