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Aktor, Act, Akt, Akr fundamentally anyway it is possible to cause ACT or ACTOR, is a 'tag'/'nick name' compiled by a black man. He is a crazy c*nt just who skits it in an extra and it is perhaps not afraid to get in a fight with any1 whether or not he's out numbered. He can be viewed holding paint or designs, typically artlines, but could additionally be carrying tools such blades and on occasion even a gun. He has countless 'connections', those who have their straight back, so whatever you will do your in some trouble every time you face him. He's normally seen round together with mate 'Copie', last heard they both experienced a fight with dudes in the city and beat the 3 of those up, Copie was repaid towards medical center using three dudes and later on finished up getting arrested for 'punching on' using them into the medical center, which he got off with given that it had been considered is "self defence" Copie is difficult to find, seldom goes everywhere without his mate Aktor typically going to events and having into a fight, or 2 on the way truth be told there then 1 at celebration itself. Word of guidance take to remain on Aktor and Copie's good part. Trust in me.

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