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the word "Akroness" can be used to explain anything from, of, or relating to the city of Akron, Ohio, and is just totally understood by residents regarding the town. The first understood utilization of the term "Akroness" ended up being on January 16, 2004 with regards to ended up being created in the quote below:"the foodstuff at El Rincon and Azteca is almost the same. Almost the identical. Azteca is simply nicer of inside. However, I perfer the dirty mexican "akroness" of El Rincon." From here, the state definition of Akroness was made: akroness - n. 1. circumstances of disheveled uncleanliness or condition. 2. getting the ironic top-notch being simultaneously marked by outward signs and symptoms of neglect and regular use. 3. circumstances to be outdated or untrendy; unfadish (OLD FASHIONED)4. a movement in urban planning through the 1920s and 1930s featuring system housing, bungalows additionally the regular placement of production facilities and chicken resturaunts (Akroness).