What does Akram Akram Akram [akram] mean?

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Akram originates from the phrase generosity. Becoming a Akram, you will be extremely giving, amazing feeling of style. Determined. Ambitious. Inspires other people and motivates all types individuals. Killer smile. Usually the underdog. Family is a priority, pals remain near to heart. Few acknowledge the skills of a Akram. Will simply express love to the love their life. Imaginative with words. Severely prideful. Stubborn. When injured, difficult to forgive but once forgiven is because a Akram loves or cares for the person. Deep thinker.  The greatest, sweetest, most hilarious, most gentle man. He is always generous together with his time and could not hurt a soul. Is a musician and it is passionate in the hobbies (like xboxing and superheros). You gotta satisfy him to learn how awesome he's! Throughout the span of the homosapien creatures and his predecessors, people of great thirst were amongst them. Obviously, the wintertime would eliminate all of them down, many would resort to herbs and leaves to seduce alpha males main female companions. Unfortunately this typical house hold pest is not eliminated and during immediate past, (such as the through the 20th century and on going many years) was the true "renaissance" when it comes to dehydrated akram. Over the years indeed there emerged some time where they really don't care what other individuals thought (YOLO). This motion was growing ever so powerful and a brand new strain of thirstyness has prevailed with all the introduction of Twitter and also the easier stalking girls. It is often coined to be in a state of "Akram".Akram is a word used in old text by throughout the Sumerian society in 4000 B.C. Archaeologists uncovered a tablet artifact depicting an a male who is consumed by Akram, inside the midst of two females. Historians present that hieroglyphics illustrate that this man has preconceived notions of intimate intent before meeting the females and so is in a powerful dehydrated state making use of any implies feasible to entice a female to copulate with him. However, this delusional mental state both in historical and hegemonic beliefs are not able to give you the person that has succumbed to Akram with a sexual lover. Annoying,stupid,big-mouth just who thinks they have been cool. Often enthusiastic about meals and activities and develops to-be a drunken pain in the a**.