What does Akeju mean?

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Generally relates to a spoilt child. Name hails from the Yoruba speaking area of Nigeria. More often than not it started as a nickname and contains for some reason morphed into a final (surname) title. Individuals bearing the very last title can be found in Ondo, Osun, Ogun and Lagos States (Nigeria) with the most prominent household from Ile-Ife which can be considered the craddle regarding the Yoruba competition. A mention associated with the title to your inhabitant is accompanied by the full description associated with the "family substance" into the town. Additionally it is believed they are one of the main energy agents inside city and well-respected. The household mind is Primate J.A. Akeju whoever offsprings have excelled within their different careers all around the globe (for example. Samuel Olutola Akeju, United States lawyer and another of the grandchildren regarding the family mind).