What does Akapro mean?

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- as a noun (womanly....very feminine):1. a wimping feminine, deragotary undertone. Consumption : "Don't go Akapro on me personally!"2. one in continual anal pain. Refers to a broken anal sphincter, a.ka. "butthurt"3. all of that is beta when you look at the world.- as a proper noun:Akapro is a forum user on EBWF. He is specializing in pseudo-political reviews with no real informative backing. His posts are summarized as "America sucks, provide me personally attention, whaaaaa!".Lacking self-confidence, effort and also the respect of his peers, he continuously tries to jump on the anti-america bandwagon made preferred by their more lucrative colleagues Underbelly and HeroinJugernaut.Akapro is doomed to call home when you look at the shadows and it is constantly resentful and upset for it.- Efforts throughout history:none whatsoever.