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A town that has been when primarily white individuals has become the greatest gang location in Durham. The reason being the north-end is either shitty houses with immigrants or overflow dicks from Scarborough or farms being under urban sprawl force. The urban sprawl i am guessing will result in Ajax at Deer Creek because rich folks and rich farmers very own lots above there. J. Clarke Richardson's black to white proportion is like 4000 to 1 i swear to god. Dennis O'Connor is mainly catholic folks (no shit) which love to do drugs and get in battles and wear their particular sweater vests and trouser uniforms in a 'gangsta' manner. Ajax tall and a lot of of Southern/Mid Ajax is similar to 95% white individuals. Ajax High is principally preps, skaters and a small ass population of goth and black people who all hang in identical area. Ajax doesn't always have many battles because everyone who is outside of the school is ripped. There really isn't much to do in South Ajax, once you consider it, there is no attraction but we do enjoyable things like check-out jams that are all in the Lakeside area. Afterward, the Sunday is pretty quiet because of the size population of hang overs. a town positioned outside of Toronto, but more importantly Scarbourough. There clearly was litterally absolutely nothing in Ajax aside from senior high school group violence. Don't think myself? Every week someone get's stabed at J. Clarke Richardson twelfth grade, but we don't have a mall. Yeah I question why we have actually plenty teenage violence, not. The south side is filled with rich white individuals who have truth be told there very own community center, even though the north part is full of imigrants and medications. Not joking. If you're found in a scenario where you stand in North Ajax pray that your either black colored or have authorities esscorting you. The majority of the population is often from a country for which you can't pronounce the name or will they be tend to be emo, often both.