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A term regularly define an individual who studies or has actually ever examined at Aitchison university Lahore. Accustomed describe somebody so awesome, fun, cool, gentlemanly etc. you are aware he must have gone to Aitchison. Aitchisonians tend to be definitely the classiest guys in most of Lahore as well as be making all of those other schools jealous B). Folks from BDC, LGS etc. often get envious of us Aitchisonians simply because they understand they can't be Aitchisonians themselves. An individual is named an Aitchisonian you simply realize that guy is gonna be awesome. The phrase that describes the kind of a guy that is often the following:-1) Dumb2) Revengeful3) Egoistical4) Ridiculously into self love5) thin minded6) Biased7) Corrupt8) doesn't have morals or values9) Liar10) immature11) supposedly "good looking"12) well off