What does Aitana mean?

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she actually is fiesty and fun and understands the woman boundries so do not drive her. she actually is peaceful and intimdating to start with but when you become familiar with her she's loud and spunky. this woman is very dull and never afraid to inform it enjoy it is.she has outstanding feeling of design and is drop lifeless goregous. shes an average woman and maybe afraid to obtain dirty but loves to dancing and do this lady nails but she actually is hard and doesn't quit easy.dissapointment is certainly not a choice on her behalf, therefore if your inside her life your inside to keep. never question that she'll be there when you've got hard times since you'll never undergo those alone. she can be random oftentimes but those particular times will be the ones you cherish many. badass? obviously! if your previously the happy bastard to get an aitana, you better start your eyes to whats in front of you.

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from Arabic, "our people".
Name Origin: Catalan
Name Gender: Female