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a lady who's extremely foolish, as though she is a blonde, but is most likely in fact emo. She laughs at every little thing, funny or otherwise not, and she most likely snorts. She actually is a nerd and most likely a gamer. She may be hot. A form woman. Truly pretty, and extremely understanding. Boy obsessed and loves a great laugh. This woman is dance crazy and it is extremely skilled too. She's stunning as you would not think although she believes shes maybe not. Shell break your heart though so steer clear of the lady. She will begin talking to your brothers and phone fuck them and send them naked photos. When you may well ask her layer say there just buddies but its a lie. She'll lead you on for a-year after that dump you for your best friend while hes a fucking wooly mammoth. Youll believed you had been meant to be nonetheless it ended up being simply a dream. In the event that you ask shellprobably send you pictures of her breasts and her vagina. Dont trust the girl because shell betray both you and after that shoot you down each time you attempt to get her right back. Shell never recognize exactly what shes passing up on. I nevertheless love the girl.