What does Airport mean?

Airport meaning in Dream Dictionary

To see or perhaps in an airport within dreams declare that you may be at a turning point in yourself.  You don

Airport meaning in Law Dictionary

The structure that homes and operates the flights of many commercial air companies. Navigation towers, terminals, and runways basically a number of the elements. They are constructed on the gound many are on boats.

Airport meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1919, from atmosphere (n.1) + slot (n.1). Very first research will be Bader Field, outside Atlantic City, nj-new jersey, U.S., which exposed in 1910.

Airport meaning in Business Dictionary

section that contains buildings and airfields accustomed residence and offer runways for airplanes. Navigation towers are current at airports to supply pilots with course whenever landing and taking off of runways. Most airports also have terminals for individuals to load onto and unload from airplanes. Airports are often built on the ground, but additionally, there are functional airports current on ships and systems of liquid.

Airport meaning in General Dictionary

an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for individuals and cargo

Airport - German to English

Airport [novel: Arthur Hailey, film: George Seaton, Henry Hathaway]

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Sentence Examples with the word Airport

So after a cab ride to the airport rental agency, we escaped the fumes of Manhattan on an August Friday noon and joined the city escapees heading north.

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