What does Air Force Crew Chief mean?

Air Force Crew Chief meaning in Urban Dictionary

Some Air power fuckwad that thinks that he is so wise and cool because he reaches place their name on the side of a jet which thinks the only way it really is effective at traveling his considering their dedication of sitting inside for 2 hours bitching about IMDS then heading out to his jet, removing a few covers,jerking from the pilot,and waiving his arms floating around thinking that the pilot is actually transferring the way that he's informing him too. Once the pilot will take off he throws in a-pinch of Skoal Wintergreen and walks down the flightline like he rescued the fucking President of united states of america. After that 1.5 hours later he waives their arms floating around again and then sucks off the pilot for one last time of the day and then fuels it, changes a tire and pretends to look at the engine like he actually understands what the fuck he is doing. Performs this noise just a little familiar for your requirements civilians??? It should, it is the exact same job while the bit of white garbage that works well at neighborhood fuel place and fills your automobile with fuel, monitors your liquids, and rotates your tires.