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Canada's nationwide flight, previously known as Trans-Canada Airlines. Originally government owned, consequently privatized in the belated eighties and early 1990s. Took over Canada's other significant flight, Canadian Airlines, in 2000. For a couple years, a combination of minimal competitors within Canada and bad times for air companies as a whole led most Canadians to hate Air Canada (with justification, as solution tended to be bad and fares expensive where there is no competition). The following emergence of Westjet as a competitor within Canada and improving revenue has actually meant that things have actually enhanced a bit recently. Air Canada has actually a regional affiliate, Jazz, that flies smaller plane on even more lightly travelled routes.Also known as:Air CannibalAir CannibisAir cannot...uh...duhAir ChaosAir CrappyAlways CrappyErr CanadaMapleflotScare CanadaTrash Can the reason why canadians choose to visit EU via USA