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Air Academy high-school (AAHS) is found from the Air energy base in Colorado Springs. A public school saturated in spoiled brats, hopeless stoners, and couple of between. Famous for bird-shit-white walls, suspensions provided for happening Myspace via college computers, being among poorest schools in condition however ranking inside 90th percentile in testing ratings, and being similar to purgatory. Staff compares the university to a minimum protection prison, based on the fact that you have to present ID to heavily armed MPs simply to arrive at college on a daily basis, and undoubtedly you can find 2 digital cameras for almost any one hall. There has maybe not been a senior prank since 2007. 1 in 3 lockers in original building are broken. Truly the only effective "recreations groups" are musical organization and cheerleading. On a foggy morning it looks like fucking Silent Hill. The sole location filthier compared to the restrooms is the cafeteria. The actual only real location filthier as compared to cafeteria could be the rest of the college. The mascot is a fictional bird known as a "Kadet" (pronounced: fucking retarded), a miserable spin-off associated with the Cadets that attend the school on the same base.