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A new MMORPG created by NcSoft, predicated on BETA examinations and preview vacations, this video game is very easily gonna rip wow a fresh ass gap. A unique MMORPG being released by NCSoft for a Western market. Previously released in South Korea and Asia, the overall game features enjoyed extensive recognition as a potential challenger to the present undisputed marketplace leader, wow. NCSoft have assigned their Western counterparts ("NCWest") the duty of earning alterations - refined and usually - into game, to ensure that it to charm more to a Western audience.Due for launch in September of 2009 both in the EU and united states, many hope that it will finally deliver some competition toward realm of MMO gaming, to the stage of "fanboys" on both edges badmouthing eachothers' games. Crazy, perhaps not in right head, to not ever be messed with. A-game where men and women circle-jerk for each other. Additionally they role play as "clerics" or "rangers" and wear secret caps and cloaks.