What does Aioli mean?

Aioli meaning in General Dictionary

a French garlic flavored mayonnaise it's served with fish alongside fish and shellfish and quite often with veggies

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  • garlic mayonnaise

Aioli meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Sauce of southern France made out of garlic, essential olive oil, egg yolks, as well as other seasonings. Aioli can be used with potatoes, poached fish, snails, salt cod, and added to bouillabaisse. It's comparable in consistency to mayonnaise.

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  • [French] a cold egg and oil emulsion with coconut oil and garlic. Many variations of this sauce are created. Essentially is is a garlic mayonnaise.
  • a very good garlic mayonnaise from the Provence region of south France. It really is a popular inclusion for seafood, meat and veggies.

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