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One of a strange battle discovered mainly in Hokkaido in the north part of the kingdom of Japan the Kurile Islands and nearby These are typically believed to be the indigenous inhabitants associated with the Japanese countries The Ainus tend to be stout and short with hairy figures also known as Aino and hairy Ainu

Ainu meaning in Etymology Dictionary

men and women native to northern Japan and far-eastern Russia, 1819, through the Ainu self-designation, actually "man, person." When considered to be Caucasian, predicated on their appearance; DNA assessment has disproved this. Their particular language is an isolate with no understood family relations.

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By some authorities Ainu colonists are supposed to have been the first settlers, and to have arrived there via Yezo; by others, the earliest corners are believed to have been a hyperborean tribe travelling southwards by way of Kamchatka.

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