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certainly one of Steven Seagal's very first porno flicks from the 80s. Indeed, it was so effective in the Japanese community it became a series.in original "Aikido in a Speedo", Steven Seagal plays a womanizing aikido master who strolls around Tokyo in just a speedo throughout the hot summer time days.He stars in about half associated with intercourse moments in which he costars with several Japanese women. Just putting on his speedo, he disco dances before all of them with techno in history as he shakes his hands up-and-down. Some views have him with pig tails also unlike just this ponytail.After he fucks all the Japanese hos into the scene, he makes use of their Aikido to conquer all of them up which later on contributes to him snapping their particular necks.The end of porno shows Steven Seagal wearing a black fabric speedo sprinting through roads of Tokyo at a speed of fucking FIFTY miles one hour while yelling on "AIIIIKIIIIIDO IN A SPEEDO!!!!" and in addition karate chopping little Japanese young men that be in their way while he keep his typical constipated face.There are about 5 Aikido in a Speedo films, and also videos online game was made insipired by Grand Theft Auto - this is certainly, Grand Theft Tokyo: Aikido in a Speedo.