What does Aibou Aibou aibou mean?

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it indicates 'partner' in Japan. "i believe it really is Japanese for homosexual." As the Japanese word does not have any connotation towards sexuality, and in most cases only identifies dudes who have some sort of working commitment (business relationship, playing tennis partners, wingmen in getting females, or just best friends etc.), it may simply be translated into English as "partner," thin homosexual connotations of this term have held over. It does not help that the term was largely popularized in Yu-Gi-Oh whilst the pharoah refers to Yugi as Aibou, and there's countless homosexual oriented fandom with regards to that "partnership." Official coinage as a synonym for "gay" by Marik from minimal Kuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series. virtually indicating "partner" in Japanese, its has now more commonly meant homosexual or homosexual.