What does Ahtivah mean?

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A girl that's generally denied; has many diiferent personalities and often misinterpreted; mental, less painful and sensitive but does care about those who value themself. Frequently underestimated by other people but arrives on topWhen having a love for a craft, they pursue it into fullLove the arts and love reasonable interest from other individuals. Often times could be lazy and relaxed. Feels alot about others and things in society; careful;schemes alot; love difficult but is afriad to start up every so often; extremely observant and devoted; may be bitchy at timesVery moody and volatile, and contains a top threshold but when pissed-off, doesn't mind telling individuals offDoes nothing like hurting individuals feelings at timesSelf conscience and rigid regarding kiddies, loves food..has a good visual memory, likes to lead kids on as though she may like all of them but actually doesnt are interested