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A dreamer, somebody who is chill and relaxed most of the time. A very amazing girl. This woman is smart, honest, gifted, outgoing and charismatic. A truly lucky individual. This woman is a crazy flirt whom can't help by herself. But she is special. She is beautiful, from inside and from outdoors. She really loves her pals. She is independent, yet somehow she will depend on her family members loads. She always lives in moment, that's why everyone else wants to be around the girl. She will take advantage boring situation into among the best, happiest moments of your life, filled up with interior jokes and hyperness. This woman is sophisticated, a bit serious and chill occasionally. She actually is definately some body might all would like to get with or get to know. Very picky however when she discovers some thing she wishes, she actually is persistent. She's among mosts perfect ladies might ever meet.A very good instance will be the Emirati singer Ahlam Al Shamsi, who is frequently linked to the terms "beauty", "intelligence" and "talent".Her title implies "dream" in arabic. That is why she is wonderful be realized.